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Welcome to my little space on the web! I’m M. (Maven) Arcturus the author of Atlantis: City of Mages, and there’s many more books on the way. I have lived in the Midwest for most of my life. My site is called Arcturus Awakens because my books have awakened me to new opportunities and new points of view and I’m hoping my books do the same for you.

My greatest aspiration is for my books to stir the imagination in others and even create a bit of controversy. I want my readers to form their own ideas surrounding the topics I write about. I believe that every point of view has the ability to expand knowledge and spur people into action to follow their dreams and pursue their personal truth.

Within the contents of this website, I will be posting updates to upcoming books, events that I will be attending, like book signings, and blogging, not only about my books, but also my adventures in photography and paranormal investigations. You didn’t seriously think that I only wrote books did you? 😊I have many passions and many interests, and I can only hope to inspire others to live their life to the fullest. All I can do is live by example, one adventure at a time, and I would love it, if you would journey with me.

Much Love,
-M. Arcturus