Upcoming Paranormal Investigation

January 21, 2022 by Maven Quest in Uncategorized

I’m a bit disappointed that the investigation for this weekend at the Garnett House fell through. However, we (Trisha and I) have an upcoming investigation on February 12th at the Malvern Manor. The last time I was at the Manor was back in 2019. If you would have asked me how the investigation went, at the time, I would have said that it was a bust. I do have to admit, that after posting all of the videos from that investigation, I have to give the Manor some credit. We saw shadows in the attic, glowing eyes in the basement, and whether I believe in possession or not, I did feel like something was trying to enter my body and I came home with a deep scratch on my left arm. Last time we were with a group of seven, This time, it will just be me and Trisha. Wish us luck! And if you want to keep up on our paranormal investigations, please check out my YouTube Channel Phantom Files: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYRa6i9-vL9js-c4KXaj-UA


I love you all! And thank you for joining me on my adventures!


Much Love,